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Anyone who's flown lately, or even picked someone up at an airport, knows one thing for certain: terminal parking is very expensive, even for the shortest of stays. If you're willing to travel a bit farther from your car to the terminal, you can generally save big money by parking at an off-airport lot.

Run by private companies, many off-site lots offer perks like valet parking, car washes, and even oil changes while you're away. Price aside, one major advantage of off-site parking lots is that you can reserve your space ahead of time, which is a superb idea during peak travel times.

Private lots may be farther from the airport, but they often offer a more pleasant experience than lugging your bags across an enormous economy lot and crowding into a shuttle bus to get to your terminal. A traveler can literally get to the terminal, and subsequently to their gate, faster than those who choose terminal parking. The experience of off-site parking is generally great, because their shuttles are faster, more frequent, and less crowded. Simply pull in, leave your keys in the ignition, grab your bags out of the car, and hop on the small shuttle.

The shuttle attendant gives you a ticket and off you go to the airport, normally within five minutes or less. When you come back home, you call the 800 number printed on the ticket and they send a shuttle for you. When you arrive back at the off-site parking lot your car is running with the heat or air condition on. Pay by cash or credit card and away you go! Honestly, what could be simpler?

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